Voting on the MFF

On Tuesday (19/11/2013) we voted on the EU’s next Multiannual Financial Framework 2014-2020 (537 votes in favour, 126 against with 19 abstentions).
The vote put an end to years of intensive discussions with the Council, which could be best described as a rollercoaster ride.

A Few facts and figures on the final-agreement:

The Council agreed an overall ceiling of €959.988 billion in 2014-2020 under five headings:

  • Smart and inclusive growth: 47%
  • Sustainable growth: natural resources: 39%
  •  Global Europe: 6%
  • Administration: 6%
  • Security and citizenship: 2% 

The commitment ceiling amounts to 1.00% of EU gross national income (GNI) compared to 1.12% for the 2007-2013 MFF.

The ceiling for payments equates to 0.95% of EU gross national income (GNI) compared to 1.06% for 2007-2013.

This final-compromise reflects the position of the Member States, who above all wanted a reduced budget.
However, it also reflects the Parliament’s fight to guarantee funding to priority areas; Fighting youth unemployment, frontloading for programmes such as Horizon 2020 and Erasmus, preserving funds for Most Deprived Persons, and maintaining the commitments for the European Social Fund.

Moreover, the Parliament successfully guaranteed the additional funding of 11.2b EUR, for the outstanding payment claims, as requested by the European Commission earlier this year.

Indeed, the Parliament was not able to achieve everything we have asked for, that is especially true for the issue of the EU’s own resources. 
Here we would have liked to see more concrete progress on the composition, organization and calendar of meetings of the High Level Working Group on Own Resources.
Then again, these are the terms that formed a compromise.

Greetings from the European Parliament,

Lidia Geringer de Oedenberg


More information on the MFF is available in the following link:


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