ACTA finally rejected!

Yesterday (4/7/12) the European Parliament voted to reject ACTA by an overwhelming majority of 478 MEPs against, 39 in favour, 165 abstentions.

Prior to the vote the EPP group tried to apply procedure rule 175 and refer the agreement back to the committee. Fortunately their efforts were not successful.

With the Parliament’s rejection, ACTA will not come into force in the European Union.
In fact, this is the first time the European Parliament is using the powers granted by the Lisbon Treaty, to reject an agreement on international trade.

I welcome the result of the vote and personally think it truly represents the millions of people who took over the streets in the last months, protesting against the agreement.

In the debate on ACTA we held on Tuesday (3/7/12), prior to the vote on Wednesday, Commissioner de Gucht expressed his intentions to ignore the result of the Parliament’s vote and pursue the current procedure before the European Court of Justice.

This intention has been confirmed after the vote by the Commission.

In this respect I would like to remind the Commissioner that the Parliament is the only directly elected EU institution. As such we, Members of European Parliament, represent people’s interest.
Moreover, as co-legislator it’s in the European Parliament capacity to nominate and recall Commission…

As I repeated in recent months, ACTA as proposed to us is simply not a good treaty. It is too vague and open to misinterpretation.

What the European Union really needs is an agreement with clear regulations to protect Intellectual Property Rights at the international level and to safeguard creators against counterfeiting powers.

Greetings from the European Parliament,

Lidia Geringer de Oedenberg


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