Today’s view from the Parliament: the case of TV Trwam

Brussels, 5 June, 2012: big crowd of people holding Polish flags and banners, chanting slogans calling for freedom of speech and religion in Poland gathered today outside the European Parliament in Brussels, at the “Place du Luxembourg” square.

At the same time, Polish Members of Parliament representing the ECR (European Conservatives and Reformists) and EFD (Europe of Freedom & Democracy) Groups  Mr Piotrowski, and Mr. Zbigniew Ziobro respectively, hosted a hearing in the Parliament with the title “Media Freedom in Poland” and participation of many activists and followers of the TV Trwam station.

Today’s events take place on the background of the decision taken by Polish National Broadcasting Council (KRRiT) to reject an application from the Lux Veritatis foundation to provide digital broadcasting licence to TV Trwam station based on financial criteria.

Established in 2003, TV Trwam is a religious channel that belongs to the Lux Veritatis Foundation and is being maintained by donations. It is broadcasting in Poland, and via satellites to Europe and North America.  

The decision of KRRiT set up the station followers to claim the decision taken is political, and not only it discriminates against the station, but also, in their opinion, it violates freedom of religion and freedom of press.

On the background on this story and today’s events one must really wonder whether this was indeed a political decision.. If yes, is it in EU’s competence to intervene on these issues?

Pictures from the demonstration (taken by my assistant)



Pictures from the hearing (pictures taken by my assistant)



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