Mind the gauge

Polish railway infrastructure largely reflects our Communist past. Constructed under the Soviet rule, railway tracks in some parts of Poland differ from other dominant network railway systems in Europe as they are wider than the standard gauge of 1,435 mm.

Aiming to tackle these problems and improve network infrastructure acrossE urope, the European Parliament proposed a “Single European Railway Area” for harmonizing infrastructure and management, which will benefit with European train travellers and cargo companies.

Since broader railway gauges are common in former Soviet countries, harmonizing the gauges would have had a negative impact on Polish cargo companies going to Russia,Ukraine and other Eastern European countries. Therefore it was important for the Polish delegation to exclude the Polish LHS Company from the effect of the harmonization of railway gauges.

In the vote on the report, which was held this morning in the Parliament Committee on Transport, I replaced my colleague, Mr. Boguslaw Liberadzki, Member of the Committee, who could have not be present at the vote.

The report was adopted today at the Committee, and thanks to the support of the Polish and German delegations the key amendment was approved as well.

This outcome of the vote benefits with the economic growth and activity of LHS companies, among other Polish cargo companies operating in European, and non-European countries alike.



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