ACTA was rejected today by several Parliamentary Committees

The Legal Affairs Committee rejected today (31/05/12) the opinion prepared by MEP Marielle Gallo on ACTA.
The result of the vote in the Committee was: 12 Members voted against ACTA, 10 in favour of ACTA and 2 abstentions.
Gallo’s opinion recommended supporting ACTA in its current form (the document is available at the following link:

Earlier discussions on ACTA, held in the Parliament, demonstrate inconsistency of opinions between, and even within, the political groups. For example, although my group S&D has adopted a position “against” ACTA, some Members still voted “for” the Gallo opinion.

In addition to the Legal Affairs Committee two other Committees voted on ACTA with the following results:

Committee on Industry, Research and Energy: 31 votes against ACTA , 25 in favour of ACTA and1 abstention.

Committee of Civil Liberties and Home Affairs: 36 against ACTA, 1 in favour, and 21 abstentions

The votes in relevant Committee are important for completing the ratification procedure in the EP, and I hope the results of these votes will lead to the rejection of the agreement at the plenary session.

Below the date of voting in the various committees:
4th June – Vote opinion  of  the Committee on Development
19th June – Public Hearing  in the Committee on Petitions on ACTA
21st June – The Committee on International Trade votes on the report  of MEP David Martin, along with the opinions.
3 July – Ratification of ACTA, the vote on the report at the plenary session (still to be confirmed)

Moving from the European Parliament to national Parliaments, today we learnt today that the ratification of ACTA has been definitively rejected by the Dutch Parliament.

In Poland tomorrow, (01.06.12) there will be a conference at which the Government will formally present its position on the agreement. According to unofficial sources, the agreement is not expected to be ratified.

Greetings from the European Parliament, 

Lidia Geringer de Oedenberg


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